GRNIBB5 is a simple but very addictive game that could go on forever.

The aim is to score points by placing five or more circles with the same colour in a line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). These circles are then removed from the board.

When you start GRNIBB5 you will see a board with 9 by 9 squares. Five of these squares are filled with a coloured circle or a GRNIBB. To move circle or GRNIBB you need to press it. It will then blink. You then press an empty square where you want to move the circle or GRNIBB to. When a path from the current position to the destination exists, then the circle or GRNIBB will move. Note that a path always goes along horizontally or vertically adjacent squares.

The GRNIBB acts as a joker and substitutes any colour. The GRNIBB can even replace two or more colours if this is relevant for the different directions.

If you have moved a circle or a GRNIBB and this gives five or more circles in a line, then these will blink and you will score points. If you do not get five or more circles in a line, then three new circles will be placed on the board. The colours of the new circles are shown above the board, so you can use this information when determining your next move.

The game knows four different levels. The easiest level (level 1) works with relatively many GRNIBBs. The second level has fewer GRNIBBs, the third level even fewer and the fourth level does not have any GRNIBBs.

At level 1, every circle or GRNIBB that is being removed, is worth 1 point. At level 2 every circle or GRNIBB is worth 2 points, at level 3 this is (on average) 2.5 points and at level 4 this is 3 points. To keep the game simple there is no special reward for more than five circles in a line.
The highest score per level will be recorded for you (only).

If you have any questions or remarks, please, send a mail to Your constructive response is much appreciated.

If you want to install GRNIBB5 then you can find it on Google Play.

Michael Oosterhout