GRNIBB Privacy policy
All games that are mentioned on this website (Grnibb5, Black Box, Image Shuffle and Grnibb T) use your machine only to save and read data that are relevant for the game.

All the above mentioned games will store the status of your game onto your machine when you leave or close the game. This will be read the next time that you start the game to ensure that you can continue playing where you stopped.

Grnibb Image Shuffle reads the available images (and no other type of file) on your machine and displays them. This will enable you to choose an image that you want to use for the game.

The data related to the status of your game will only be stored on your machine and will not be shared with anyone in any way.

Alle other data are not relevant to the games and will not be collected, maintained, shared with anyone in any way.

If you have any questions or remarks, please, contact me at

Michael Oosterhout