Where does the GRNIBB come from?

GRNIBB was once the name of an indoor soccer team, that participated in the student competition at the Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When I joined the team this competition was extended with a "senior competition" for those former students who never wanted to stop playing indoor soccer. My teammates at that time couldn't clearly explain where the name Grnibb came from. It had something to do with the initials of the founding members and a player whose name was Groot Nibbelink. I was told to wear something blue and we always played in a wide variety of more or less blue-coloured T-shirts. At some point in time the idea came up to design a real team T-shirt. I asked my children to draw something that they associated with "Grnibb". My daughter then drew the pink figure with the soccer boots, which is now featuring as the logo of my games. Below you find the original drawing.


Yes, really. We indeed played with this logo on our shirts, see the image below :-).

Michael Oosterhout