This page contains some links to English websites related to nonograms. If you search the internet yourself you’ll find an enormous amount of nice websites, so this page is far from complete but it gives an overview of the type of information that is available.

To be able to use Maaiko Nonograms you will need nonograms. The puzzle books containing nonograms can be bought from the book store or ordered through the internet.

  • has a variety of books for sale. You can find more books by typing in the keyword 'griddlers'. These books can also be purchased through other bookstores.
  • At you can buy a set with 40 nonograms. However, you can download these separately from Picross.
  • On you can buy books with nonograms in pdf format.

Another source for nonograms is the internet itself. Below you will find some sites that contain nonograms.

  • everyday shows a new puzzle, that can be printed. The next day the solution will be shown. It has some free nonograms that you can print and solve. It also has a program, a ‘nonogram solver’ or ‘griddler solver’ that you can use to solve nonograms automatically. It only supports nonograms with one colour.
  • Sapphire games is a site with many nonograms. The website only supports one colour.
  • – Logic puzzles contains many nonograms (called griddlers) and an interesting variation with six sides (called triddlers). As far as I know, this is the most active site and daily new nonograms are added by users. It supports many languages. It has a section which explains how to solve nonograms.
  • Nonograms contains nonograms with one colour only.
  • World of cryptopics is another site with nonograms (called cryptopics).

I am looking for sites that can be considered as ‘homepages’ with links to other sites about nonograms. I have not come across any yet.

These sites allow you to download software with which you can solve nonograms offline, similar to Maaiko Nonograms.

  • Griddlers Solver with Animator contains a downloadable package with about 100 puzzles. The program has an advanced interface, but can only solve nonograms with one colour. It also gives information on the algorithms used in solving the nonograms automatically.
  • – Logic puzzles has an applet with which you can solve puzzles offline.
  • An interesting site can be found here, which contains an overview of software that can be used to solve nonograms.
  • For the iPhone and iPad there are applications on iTunes.
  • World of cryptopics contains software, which can be downloaded. There is a free shareware version of the program. There is also a full version, which needs to be bought.

The next sites provide examples and explanations on how to solve nonograms.


There are many other websites on nonograms. Do you think another website about nonograms is interesting enough, then please send a mail with the link to that website to me and I´ll add to the list.