3 DECEMBER 2017: VERSION 1.2.2

  • An error in the algorithm to solve nonograms has been corrected.
  • A few minor bugs have been solved.

5 MARCH 2017: VERSION 1.2.1

  • The number of options to display the nonogram on the screen has been increased. This caused some minor adjustments in the menu and the corresponding toolbar.
  • A few minor bugs have been solved.

30 OCTOBER 2016: VERSION 1.2.0

  • More colours are available to choose from. Pictures can be made more realistic and can have a better contrast. However, previous versions of the program cannot open these files.
  • It is possible to scroll a nonogram up or down (if applicable) using the mouse wheel. It is also possible to enlarge or reduce the figure using the mouse.
  • Nonograms are now positioned at the center of the window.
  • The algorithm to solve nonograms has been improved and made faster.
  • The more recent dialogs for opening and saving a file are used. The program does therefore only run on more recent versions of Windows (Vista and later).
  • A few minor bugs have been solved.

21 FEBRUARY 2015: VERSION 1.1.1

  • An extra check has been added when entering numbers for a new nonogram.
  • The extra window that displays the solution, the current situation or the errors will be positioned completely visible and it can be resized.
  • The yellow numbers in a nonogram will get a different background to make it easier to see them.
  • While puzzling the numbers in the corresponding rows and columns will be marked with a red rectangle.
  • The fontsize for the numbers has been reduced to fit the squares better when printing a nonogram.
  • A continuously occurring error with the scrollbars has (hopefully) been solved definitely.
  • A few minor bugs have been solved.

15 JANUARY 2015: VERSION 1.1.0

  • NEW! The option to design and test your own nonogram has been added.
  • Many minor improvements in the help function. In some cases the help function is made more relevant to the situation.
  • A problem with the undo function - whereby some squares were not restored correctly - has been fixed.
  • Some Dutch texts in the English version have been translated.
  • The program makes better use of contrasting colours when appropriate.
  • An error with the scrollbar has been solved.

14 JUNE 2014: VERSION 1.0.5

  • The program gives a message when the nonogram has been solved (only when the example is included).
  • Colouring multiple squares is restricted to horizontal or vertical directions only.
  • A problem with saving an example in a new nonogram has been fixed.
  • A problem with the undo functionality has been fixed.
  • The new email address and website are now included in the program and help file.

11 MAY 2013: VERSION 1.0.4

  • The program remembers the folders where the empty and non-empty nonograms were opened and saved.
  • A part of the old nonogram was shown after entering a new nonogram. This has been solved.
  • A problem with the occasional incorrect setting of the vertical scrollbar has been solved.
  • When inserting or deleting a row or column the row or column will be made yellow first.
  • The algorithm that solves the nonograms has been made a little bit more efficient.

13 APRIL 2013: VERSION 1.0.3

  • Solved an error in the algorithm that solves the nonograms.
  • It is no longer possible to start a number entry for new nonograms with a zero.

08 FEBRUARY 2013: VERSION 1.0.2

  • Solved the problem related to the error message 'Scrollbar property out of range'.

20 DECEMBER 2012: VERSION 1.0.1

  • First release.