A nonogram (or sometimes called a picture puzzle or griddler) is a puzzle which consists of an empty grid with squares. Above and to the left of this grid numbers are given with a specific colour. Each number refers to a range of one or more consecutive squares of the given colour. By colouring the squares according to the information given by the numbers at the edges of the grid a picture will emerge: the solution to the nonogram.

This website wants to be the central place to link to various interesting information about nonograms. You will also find a demonstration on how to solve nonograms; you can download a program, which makes it easier to solve nonograms. With the program you cab also design your own nonograms. The most frequently asked questions can be found here.

If you choose [Nonograms] then you will find the available nonograms. You can use several predefined criteria. On this page you can make a selection yourself.
Every day you will find a new nonogram here.

The most recent version of the program has more colours in its palette to choose from (still with a maximum of three), so you can make your pictures more realistic.

If you want more information about nonograms or if you want to know where to find more, then look at this page.

I hope you will have fun with Maaiko Nonograms!
Michael Oosterhout