Simplify designing and solving a nonogram with Maaiko Nonograms!
This program helps you to design and to solve nonograms. You can enter the properties of an existing nonogram and then you can use the program to solve the nonogram just like you would do with pen and paper or on a website. You can also design a nonogram by drawing the hidden figure yourself. The program automatically generates the numbers at the left and above the figure, such that a nonogram is created. You can solve the same nonogram an unlimited number of times. You have the option to solve nonograms automatically. The program has additional options when a solution is available. The program cannot solve all nonograms automatically, but most nonograms can be solved by the program.
Advantages of using the program are:
  • Different persons can solve the same nonogram independently.
  • You can design your own nonograms.
  • You can correct errors easily (there is no need to use an eraser).
  • You can save your work and then you can try different steps to find the solution.
  • When you have made a mistake you can open a previously saved version.
  • It is easier to enter a whole range of squares (in a row or column).
  • When the file contains the solution (the hidden figure) then it is easier to check for errors.
Below you will find some screenprints (1 to 8) to give you an idea of what the program looks like:

1. When you enter a new nonogram (for example from a puzzle book) you first enter the basic properties: 2. The screen that you use to enter the numbers of a new nonogram:

3. The screen as you start to solve a nonogram: 4. When you want to design a new nonogram you first enter the basic properties:

5. The screen when you are working on the design: 6. The screen when you want to see the current figure without lines and dots:

7. The screen that shows the hidden figure: 8. The screen that shows you the errors:

Download the installation software. This installation software contains the program, the help file and some nonograms.
This is version 1.2.2 of the program. You can find an overview of the previous versions and the improvements here.
As with all software it may, and probably will, contain errors. If you come across a bug in the program, or have a suggestion to improve the program, then I would appreciate if you let me know. You can send a mail to